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lbrate extracts/decompresses files from the CP/M LBR format. (It can also list and test such archives.) It does this in an `unzip'-like manner, mostly hiding the details of individually compressed and renamed files, and transparently deals with the required decompression/renaming.

lbrate is also (I believe) the only non-CP/M program to fully support decompressing files from all three CP/M compression schemes (Q, Z, Y). With this in mind, it can decompress such files directly, treating them as if they were single-entry LBRs.


The current version is 1.1, available from ibiblio.


Changes in lbrate 1.1

Added support for LBR file dates/times. The last-modified stamps are used/shown by default - the `-c' option lets you use/show creation stamps instead.

Last updated 2001 Dec 5