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nomarch extracts files from the old `.arc' archive format. It can also list and test such archives.

(nomarch is primarily intended as a `replacement' for the non-Free `arc' program.)


The current version is 1.4, available from ibiblio.


This excerpt from NEWS lists the changes from nomarch 1.1 onwards.

Changes in nomarch 1.4

Fixed a bug which could hang nomarch with corrupt files.

Changes in nomarch 1.3

Added compression methods 5 and 6, which seem to be along the same lines as v1.0 of the CP/M `crunch' scheme (so I was able to adapt some code from lbrate). This isn't very well tested though - all I know is that it works on the single method-6 test file I have - so if anyone has any more files using these methods they can test it on (use `nomarch -lv' to check the methods used by a file) I'd appreciate feedback on whether it works or not. :-)

Self-extracting archives (for both MS-DOS and CP/M) can be read. (It doesn't support those produced with pkpak, but even pkunpak can't read those.)

Now supports the Acorn Archimedes's variant "Spark" format (including the extra compression method), which is based on the more usual .arc. Any `subdirectories' are extracted as the .arc files they really are.

main.c now uses unistd.h rather than getopt.h, which was troublesome on some systems. Thanks to Geoff Gibbs for spotting this.

Changes in nomarch 1.2

Added `-p' option, to extract files to standard output. Thanks to Hilko Bengen for reminding me about this one.

Fixed DST-related bug which caused some file times to be wrong by an hour.

Changes in nomarch 1.1

New `-U' option, to use uppercase archive member filenames - or more precisely, to avoid lowercasing them. (In practice, almost all archives use uppercase member filenames.)

File-writing errors didn't previously cause a non-zero exit value - they do now.

Fixed memory leak when not all of an archive file member could be read.

Added section on how to use nomarch with Emacs to man page.

Last updated 2002 Aug 8