3. What is the current version of svgalib?

The current stable version of svgalib is 1.4.0. It is available from many popular Linux ftp sites such as (previously known as sunsite). It is also available from

The latest unstable release is 1.4.1 and is available from

3.1 Where can I get patches against the stable release?

There is not currently a centralized location for such patches, so as I find them I will link to them here:

3.2 How can I get a development snapshot of svgalib?

If you are interested in actively debugging and developing svgalib then contact the svgalib maintainer (Matan Ziv-Av) at

3.3 How does the development version differ from the stable release?

(taken directly from the maintainers svgalib page at

This pre-release includes changes to the S3 driver to support linear modes on Trio64 cards.

This version contains a start of support for using a vga card that is not using IO at 0x3c0-0x3df

This pre-release can compile with gcc-2.95, and works on a vga card, when the console is on a non-vga card (e.g. an mda).

Changes from 1.4.0 include:

     SiS driver
     Banshee driver
     nv driver supports TNT
     i740 driver
     changes in signal handling.
     GTF (modeline calculation formula) is included, both as a standalone program, and as part of timing.c

My aim for 1.4.1 (and the 1.4.x series in general), is support for more video cards, as well as secondary adapter support. The
novccontrol option that was added in 1.4.0 and the signal handling changes are geared toward the second adapter support. The
signal handling should also facilitate the use of pthreads and svgalib in the same program.

Last update 13 November 1999.