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1k4kgames is a collection of 1k and 4k games for the Spectrum, all of which I entered in the 2002 or 2003 Minigame competitions. Some of them (perhaps ironically) require a Spectrum 128, but most emulators support that model.

As for where they came in the competitions... in 2002, easyfrog came 7th (2nd speccy entry), soliyawn 18th, dotathon 48th, and ztrack 1k 53rd, out of 62 entries. The 2003 competition is ongoing at the time of writing.

Some brief descriptions of the games (all 1k unless specified):


The current version is 1.2, and it's available here as

There's also a text file discussing some of ztrack 1k's development here as ztrack1k-tech.txt.


Changes in 1k4kgames 1.2

Updated zblast SD (now has explosions).

Changes in 1k4kgames 1.1

Added the games entered in the 2003 competition.

Renamed from 1kgames to 1k4kgames, as some of the games are 4k.

Put the games in separate directories, rather than keeping them in zips.

Last updated 2003 Aug 22