Stuff by me

Yes. Here, indeed, is some stuff. By, for the most part, me. :-)

For Linux/Unix

I may have done one or two other things, but after a while it gets a bit difficult to remember it all. :-/

For PalmOS

I don't really use this any more, but I did do a couple of things for it:

For Dreamcast

I only ended up doing one simple (albeit moderately useful) program for the Dreamcast:

For Z80-based machines

Amstrad NC100/NC200

Sinclair Spectrum

Sinclair ZX81

There's also a few other games I did for the '81 which don't have pages yet, but I think I bundled them all with z81.


This stuff also tends to work ok in a DOS box under Windows, as you might imagine.

Stuff only slightly by me

I've made contributions to a few programs written by others:

(I've not given many links above since I tend to be a bit slack about checking links to my own web pages, let alone others. :-) They're all likely to be listed on freshmeat, anyway.)

There's also minicoll (or "Speccy Minigame Collection"), a collection of speccy and ZX81 entries in the Minigame Compo years 2001-2003. The games are by the various authors responsible, I just did the front-end stuff.

Last updated 2008 Aug 14