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Minicoll, or the "Speccy Minigame Collection", is a collection of Spectrum and ZX81 entries in the Minigame Compo, years 2001-2003. It doesn't include all the games as I couldn't get permission from everyone, but it does have the vast majority.

The collection (which requires a Spectrum 128/+2/+3) is a single load, and lets you quickly switch between games once everything has loaded. You can return to the game-selecting menu with Caps+Space (Break on a real speccy).

The games are from various authors (and in a few cases, contributors they had). In alphabetical order, they are - Fernando Miguel Barletta, Jonathan Cauldwell, Paolo Ferraris, Paul Grenfell, Luis Claudio Grosso, Sergey Kolotov, Russell Marks, Dinu Cristian Mircea, Dominic Morris, Matthew Westcott (Gasman), and Mike Wynne. Thanks to everyone for giving me permission to include their games (and/or those they worked on), I wasn't expecting so many people to agree to it. :-)

If Wocen or Stefano Bodrato would like to give me permission to include their games, I'd be happy to - just get in touch. (Check the documentation in the zip for my email address.) [Update - Stefano now has, so I'll try to add his game(s) if I ever do another version of this.]


The current version is 1.0, and it's available here as This contains the TAP file, and also source for the front-end which few people will care about. :-)


Changes in minicoll 1.0

Initial release.

Last updated 2006 Mar 22