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(phyperoid screenshot)


phyperoid is essentially an Asteroids clone, but with a few extra features. It's a port of the original Hyperoid for Windows 3.x.

The game requires PalmOS 2.0 or higher.


The current version is 1.1, here as


Changes in phyperoid 1.1

Preferences dialog, accessible from the Game menu. This lets you enable inverted display, and pick from 8 colours for the foreground/background (only has an effect on colour displays, predictably enough :-)). Thanks to Rick Swartz for suggesting configurable colours.

Optional battery-friendly mode. This should lessen the drain on battery power, but can cause slightly jerkier and/or slower movement.

Added more extensive instructions for the Help menu based on manual.txt, and made key help slightly less terse.

Last updated 2002 Oct 21