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rexima is a curses-based interactive mixer which can also be used from the command-line. It runs on any terminal with a screen size of 80x24 or greater. It's intended to be a simple, general, usable mixer without all the chrome usually present in other mixers.


The current version is 1.4, available from ibiblio.


This excerpt from NEWS lists the changes from rexima 1.1 onwards.

Changes in rexima 1.4

Fixed a bug in command-line parsing which caused level decrements to be treated as options. Thanks to Alexandra Walford for spotting this one.

Changes in rexima 1.3

Now allows mixer device file to be specified, so you can work with something other than /dev/mixer. Thanks to Ivan Kalvatchev for (indirectly) suggesting this.

Changes in rexima 1.2

You can now specify an offset for a device's level on the command line (e.g. `-3' or `+12'). Plain `-' or `+' change the level by 2. Thanks to Joost Kremers for this idea (or something similar, at least :-)).

Changes in rexima 1.1

There were too many devices to fit in an 80x24 rexima layout, and retaining the `non-existent devices are shown but have no level indicator' behaviour would have been painful. So it no longer shows non-existent device names. Thanks to Pablo Averbuj for the fix.

Changed layout slightly to cope with longer device names (eight chars rather than the old six).

Made `make install' a little less fragile, and added uninstall target.

Last updated 2003 Apr 7