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zgsmplay is a curses-based real-time GSM file player with file selector. (GSM is a lossy sound compression format ideal for speech.) In addition to simply playing the files, zgsmplay lets you move around them, etc., and can cope with large samples (of up to 2GB, i.e. about two weeks). A copy of Jutta Degener and Carsten Bormann's free GSM compressor/library is included.


The current version is 1.4, available from ibiblio.


This excerpt from NEWS lists the changes from zgsmplay 1.3 onwards.

Changes in zgsmplay 1.4

Incredibly, I still hadn't removed the embedded LFs from the usage help, which unfortunately breaks compilation with newer versions of gcc. Thanks to Walter Haefeker for somewhat indirectly pointing this out.

Fixed possible buffer overrun.

Added support for devices with no support for mono playback (by playing the mono sample in stereo if mono isn't supported), but note that `-S' still won't work on devices without 8-bit support. Thanks to Peter A. Farago for bringing this to my attention.

Now explicitly specifies sample rate (to the kernel), which I don't think should be necessary but does seem to be required in some cases. Thanks to Werner Helden for spotting the problem.

Changes in zgsmplay 1.3

Added 16-bit support (enabled by default where possible), having noticed how surprisingly grim 8-bit can be in some circumstances. :-) Enabling pseudo-stereo currently makes it resort to 8-bit, though.

It previously screwed up on zero-length files, fixed that.

Added `e' (go to end of file) to onscreen help.

Last updated 2005 Jun 3